Corriverton town council to meet on blocked flag-raising

Residents removing the flagpole on Thursday night after the town’s programme had been blocked by the police.

The Corriverton Town Council is expected to meet tomorrow  to discuss the way forward after   police stopped their flag-raising programme allegedly because the police had not granted permission.

Armed bandits raid Barama compound, rob CEO, other employees

A security guard and  three other persons inclusive of two Indonesians were about 11.45 last night robbed of cash, jewellery and cellphones at the Barama Company Limited compound, Land of Canaan, EBD by five males, four of whom were armed with handguns.

Struggles of a single mom

“Being a single parent has it positives and  its negatives. For me I have learnt to look past the fact that I am a single parent because honestly sometimes I don’t even remember that these children have a father.” The words of a 38-year-old mother of three (ages 13, 10 and 8) who gets little or no support from the father of the children.

Laughing at our masters

I cannot think why, but politicians take themselves very seriously indeed. I thought I might see what the Oxford Dictionary of Humorous Quotations (obtained at Austin’s excellent bookstore which every thinking citizen should visit at least once a week) has to say about them.

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Two business owners lose millions in Parika Market Centre fire

Two business owners say they are now counting millions of dollars in losses after a fire, suspected to have been started by a child playing with matches, gutted a stall and a bond in the Parika Market Centre yesterday morning.

Rejigged IDB loan includes US$10M in housing subsidies

Following the revamping of a road project, US$10 million (G$2 billion) from an Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) loan will go towards housing subsidies in Sophia, Cummings Lodge and nearby areas.

Evaluation of new Demerara bridge tenders more complicated than expected – Adams

The evaluation of tenders for the new Demerara River bridge has proven more complex than planned, according to project manager Rawlston Adams, who says the deadline for the completion of the process has been extended.

More Seafield rice farmers challenge president’s revocation of leases

Three more Seafield, West Coast Berbice (WCB) rice farmers have moved to the court challenging President David Granger’s revocation of their land leases, which they say came without any warning and violates the constitution.

After years with UN, Guyanese is back as businesswoman, mentor

Carjacked in a foreign country, an experience that saw a gun placed at the head of her three-year-old daughter; raped by a colleague and having her father falsely accused and prevented from leaving Guyana for nine years are just some of the terrible experiences Cheryl Noel has had in her life, but instead of becoming bitter she is on a mission to help the younger generation.

‘Justice for Our Girls’ march to take aim at inequality, violence

The local fight against gender inequality and gender-based violence will be taken to the streets next month when the “Justice for Our Girls” march will be held.

Berbice guards seek intervention over non-payment of salaries

Security guards providing services at government buildings in Region Six are calling for an intervention to ensure that payments owed to them for the year so far are released by their employer, Integrated Security Services.

GTT technician to undergo skin graft after near electrocution

David Kunath, the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GTT) technician who was almost electrocuted two Wednesdays ago after coming into contact with a Guyana Power and Light Inc.

Heart Institute seeks public support for blood drive tomorrow

The Caribbean Heart Institute (CHI) of Guyana is encouraging members of the public to save a life by giving blood at its blood drive tomorrow.

Bollywood star Sridevi passes away

(BBC) Bollywood superstar Sridevi has died after a cardiac arrest, her family says.

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