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Story and photos by Joanna Dhanraj Wowetta in the North Rupununi is one of the five satellite villages of Annai and is home to approximately 400 people of 78 households predominantly of the Macushi and Wapishiana tribes.


This week we asked the man/woman in the street about their plans for Easter and what  the holiday meant to them.

  • Gabriella Chapman crowned Miss Bartica Regatta 2017

    Gabriella Chapman two Sundays ago bested seven other beauties to be crowned Miss Bartica Regatta 2017 Pageant. The 21-year-old University of Guyana student is no stranger to pageantry and won the judges over with her intelligence, experience, beauty and charisma. 0

  • Uproar in T&T over resignation of judge

    (Trinidad Guardian) Judicial crisis! Marcia Mess! Comedy of Errors! Three descriptions yesterday from three different legal minds on the unfolding scenario involving former chief magistrate Marcia Ayers-Caesar, who resigned Thursday as a High Court judge to return to the magistracy.

  • Diplomatic noises on Guyana’s two most contentious borders

    Even at a time when the attention of Guyana’s coalition government is focused on energizing the country’s underperforming economy, the administration still cannot afford to allow its attention to wander from a foreign policy agenda that includes managing relations with two neighboring countries with which separate territorial controversies loom large.